Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 162 - Saturday (Basemented and the phantom poo):
This morning I had a baseball game at 10am. I woke up at around 8 and took Finster for a nice loop walk to tire him out a tad. He brought back a monster stick with him and felt quite proud of himself. I left Finster loose in our basement during our game. I was gone from 915-230 (5 hours). I was a bit nervous to see the destruction when I got back. When I went down to let him out at 230 I smelled some poop. I let Finster out and then looked around for the droppings. I spent about 5 minutes looking under stuff and in corners for the phantom poop all to no avail. Then I realized that he must have farted in excitement right before I came down. I've never seen Finster with so much energy before. It's amazing the difference walking him makes. As soon as he got done emptying his bowels I took him for a nice walk around the neighborhood. He was quite energetic and was pulling more than usual. When we got back I fed him and then played fetch with him for a bit with his big soccer ball. After that I did some yard work, pulling up sod around the trees. Finster loves this because he gets to attack the sod as it's being thrown into the wheelbarrow. Every once and a while Finster would get bored and just start sprinting around the house. It's hilarious when he does this! During one of his sprints he got distracted by the neighbors dog and ran over the ditch to see him. I quickly gathered him up and put him in the basement for 20 minutes as a punishment.

When E got home we walked around the yard a bit and then hung out on the deck for a little while. By this time Finster was tired out again, it's hard work tiring an 86 lbs. puppy out :) We watched the Stanley cup finals game at around 8ish and Finster hung out in the basement. Finster will be glad when hockey is over. During the game I finished Cesar's way (the book). Out of 10 stars I'd give it around 7. I would certainly recommend reading it though. It was a little repeditive and a little long. He could have condensed it to about 100 pages (it is 270 pages) and not lost a thing. It gives a little more detail about his methods than does his show so it's a good read if you also watch the show. I wish it would have gone into more detail about his tactics though.


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