Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 152 - Wednesday (Dog park):
Today for lunch Finster, Me, Bill, Chris and Ron went to Ellison Park to check out the "dog park". It isn't an official, legal dog park, but the leash law isn't enforced either. When we got there we didn't know where it was so we asked. It was about a half mile walk into the park before we saw the dogs. When we got there there were only about 5 dogs there. I unleashed Finster and threw him to the dogs. A chow mix named Bear came over to greet us and they started playing after the butt sniffing ritual. There is a little stream at this unmarked dog area and Finster and Bear were chasing each other through it and playing. Then some more dogs showed up and jumped in on the fun. At one point Finster, Bear and Chocolate Lab were terrorizing a little shin nipper dog. It was pretty funny. Finster just had a blast, I could literally see the smile on his face. It was like letting lose a kid at Disney World :) He played for about 30 minutes and then we went back to work. He slept until 415 when I woke him up for a walk. That park tired him out quite a bit.

After work we went straight to the store. Finster had to be put in the basement because Erin brought Sparky, who got tied in the side yard, and the reading group met on the patio where Finster's fenced in area is. This was fine though, he laid down there for the hour and a half and didn't make a peep. After the reading group was done Erin, Sparks, me and Finster went for a walk around the town. Finster was being totally retarded pulling to play with Sparky and pulling to smell stuff and pulling to annoy me. After about 10 minutes he went poop and that helped out a little with the pulling. He just doesn't know how to walk with other dogs yet :(


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