Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 174 - Friday (Dog park trail):
For lunch today Finster and I went to the dog park again. Oscar was unavailable for play. When we got there and started down to the dog park we almost killed ourselves. One of the ways to get there is down a steep hill through some woods, I prefer this to the blacktop trail. On the way down I started running a bit, leash in hand. Finster decided to take one way around a tree and I decided to go another. It didn't work out very well. I got my hand brush burned from the leash yanking on it, and Finster got choked and yanked by the leash. We both brushed it off and carried on. Instead of heading straight to the dark park area I took Finster over some hilly trails. The verticals on some of the trails were quite steep. I had to hold onto trees on the way up and down. We probably walked about 3/4 of a mile through some hills before we wound up at the dog park. We got to the dog area with about 30 minutes to go. Finster romped with the other dogs and played in the water. I've had nothing but good experiences from the dog park so far. It's especially good at lunch because there are fewer dogs there so the likelihood of meeting a bad dog is much less.


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