Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 158 - Tuesday (Horizontal Urination!):
This morning Finster and I went to the vet at 8, up at 615 :(. I wanted the vet to check out Finster's incision for infection and get his paperwork to take to Cornell. Before we left we went for our normal walk and Finster LIFTED HIS LEG to moisten the telephone pole! He almost fell over but he managed to get some on there, I was quite proud, and a little sad.

When we got to the vet we were received by a cacophony of dog barking. George's 3 heel biters were barking their heads off at Finster. Finster didn't really know what to think of it so he just kind of stayed away.

We went inside and Finster weighed in at 86.1 lbs! Big boy. The vet said that the internal sutures were getting pushed out by Finster's body, which is why there was some puffyness and puss. He said this was normal but it would be open for infection so he got some antibiotics for 9 days.

For lunch today we went to Ellison park again to play with some dogs. When we first got to the dog area there weren't any dogs there. So I walked around the creek and back up the path and met up with about 6 dogs. I turned around and walked back to the dog area and there were about 10 dogs there now :) Finster got to playing with a bigger dog. He was chasing it around and practically knocked the head off of an old, deaf shin nipper as he ran by the little dog. That park is crazy, the leash law does not apply there, or so it seems; no one has their dogs on leashes anywhere in the park except for the parking lot. On the way back up to the car Finster was walking off leash. He got ahead of me a bit so I hid behind a tree to scare him a bit. He got about 30 yards ahead when he realized he couldn't see me anymore. He came running back looking for me a little panicked. After that he stayed right with me for the rest of the walk.


WNYLocals Thu Jun 08, 10:43:00 AM  

Yay, cousin Sparky finally got little Finster to lift his leg!! This is a proud day!

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