Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 173 - Thursday (back to work): Finster got to go back to work with Pa today. He enjoys going to work to see all the people and go for walks :0 For lunch we went to the park to play with Oscar. Both dogs were acting sort of weird today. Oscar wasn't really in to retrieving his ball. He would get it but then stop about 10 feet from shore and play with it in the water. Finster on the other hand stayed in the water the whole time trying to tear down one of the water bushes. He played around it and tugged on it like it offended his mother. After work Finster and I headed to Ellison park for some doggy heaven. It was too, after 5 tons of dogs show up. There were probaly 30-40 dogs there! It was doggy overload. Finster found 2 pals that he spent most of his time with. He would chase one for a while and get chased by it, and then vear off to find the other one. One was a black poodle (with a hot body) and the other was a Wymaraner I think. A reporter from the D+C was there also taking pictures, Finster didn't get chosen to get his picture taken :( I think he is too normal of a dog, there were about 10 other labs there. He recked shop for about an hour and then we went home happy and tired!
When we got home we had the house to ourselves, not that we really did anything important. I finished up Marley and Me and Finster laid by my side. Man, what a sad book! That was the slowest 3 pages I've ever read, I had to look up after every 2 sentences for fear of crying like a school girl.


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