Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 157 - Monday (Home with Mom):
This morning I got up and let Finster out of his crate. When I went down there he was sitting up and had quite a bit of drool coming out of his mouth. There was a bunch of drool on his bed too for some reason, weird; I'll have to keep that in mind.

Today I got nothing but good reports from E about Finster. He didn't wander into the neighbors at all :) He helped her pull weeds and hang clothes. He managed to eat a few moths and other random bugs throughout the day. E said that Finster is kind of slow and lackadaisical today. I think he might be sore from his romp with Coco yesterday.

I called the vet and he wanted to see Finster's incision to make sure it isn't infected, so we have to go there tomorrow to get it checked out; joy!

Finster was happy to see me when I got home. We played in the yard for a bit until we ate dinner and then a little more afterwards.


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