Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 164 - Monday (Home with mom):
Here is today's log of Finster and E:

(14:22:26) ptb: your dog is hilarious
(14:22:38) ptb: he just pounced on a piece of lint from the dryer vent
(14:22:43) ptb: and it got stuck to his nose
(14:23:01) buffyblice: lol
(14:23:03) buffyblice: omg
(14:23:11) buffyblice: i miss spending the day with that goofball
(14:24:10) ptb: hes so funny
(14:24:13) buffyblice: he makes everything so simple and fun
(14:24:14) ptb: then he started sneezig
(14:24:16) ptb: sneezing
(14:24:19) buffyblice: lol
(14:24:26) buffyblice: you were probably dying werent you
(14:24:29) ptb: omg
(14:24:36) ptb: i had tears in my eyes
(14:24:39) buffyblice: i bet that lint was scared :)
(14:24:44) ptb: yup
(14:24:57) ptb: i also started putting my head down in my hands and saying finster cant find me
(14:25:01) ptb: and he was going nuts
5:06) ptb: biting my ponytail
(14:25:11) ptb: poking his nose in my face

Needless to say, they had a pretty good time. The bad thing that he did for the day was to chew up the grease catcher on the grill. I'm not sure how much grease that thing actually catches anyways, doesn't it just get burned up in the flames?

When I got home Finster was pretty happy to see me as usual. I love it when he wiggles his whole body, cracks me up. Finster had a pretty boring night as E and I watched another Stanley cup finals game.


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