Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 175 - Saturday (The party):
This morning we went for our loop walk and then got to work. We took the garbage and recycling to the dump, went to the library, cleaned the basement, mowed the lawn, and weed ate. While mowing the lawn I had to get off the mower twice to stop Finster from going in the road. He only got close when I was mowing next to the road. The rest of the time he stayed in our yard :) It looks like I might get away without buying an invisible fence! Maybe that money will go into his surgeries. For the first 10 minutes of mowing the lawn Finster caught the grass that came out of the mower, his face was a mess with wet grass :) Around 2 I went to the store to do some yard work there. When I got back around 430 Finster helped me clean up the deck. At around 7 our guests arrived. Ed -n- Tracy got there first and was greeted by an energetic Finster. He especially liked Tracy, probably because Ed was an old hat. He immediately went to her side and started wiggling. Tracy was trying to stay slobber free so I pulled Finster back. Before Charlie and Jason got there Finster found a tasty LOG to chew on. This sucker was about 3 inches in diameter, I don't know how he got his mouth open that wide. He brought it over to show Char and Jason and I think they were amazed at his log toting abilities. He wiggled next to both of them for a few seconds before Jason and I started playing log fetch with the moron :) He was especially excited about fetching the log for some reason.
After a few minutes we went back to the deck and got ready for dinner. Finster actually chewed on his log for about 15 minutes and threw wood chips everywhere, which entertained everyone. He got some more log fetching in right before dinner thanks to Jason and Char. For dinner Finster stayed on the top deck while we ate on the bottom deck, we didn't even have to tell him to. Around dessert time he feigned the need to urinate so we let him off to pee and he stayed on the lower deck with us, but just laid next to the railing.

Finster had a special fondness for Tracy the whole night and tried to stay by her side wherever she went, even though she was probably the one least likely to appreciate his drool. After dinner we settled around the chimenea as Finster continued to chew on his log. He refused to chew it behind the circle of chairs, he had to lay in front of the fire in the middle of the circle (look at me look at me). A bit later I traded his log for a new beef rawhide for fear of him dropping his log on someone's foot. The night ended up being a success, Finster was a well behaved young man who entertained and delighted the guests. He didn't jump up on anyone, just wiggle and wagged his body vigorously against everyone's legs.


Anonymous Sat Jul 08, 09:28:00 PM  

you forgot to mention how delicious the cedar plank salmon was

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