Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day 178 - Tuesday (More rain):
In the morning we did our usual loop walk. In the woods Finster got attacked by some serious deer flies and mosquitoes, maybe that's why they are staying off me. When we got back to the house I cleared 2 deer flies and a few mosquitoes from his head, oof. At around 1030 we did our normal morning walk through the wooded trail. I had a meeting from 12-1 so Finster was fidgeting in his crate, his internal clock was going nuts. By the time I was done it was pouring out so we were unable to go outside for a walk. Instead CA, Bill, and I played some tug with him in my office. At around 130 he went back to his crate after a quick pee break outside. It was still raining at 330 so I took him over to the other (vacant) half of our office building and played hide-n-seek with him. He loves this game :) I put him in a sit/stay and then go around the corner into a random office and hide on him. Then I call him and he looks for me. It's great fun! He whines until he finds me, which cracks me up; and then gets excited when he finds me. So, I guess I know what I'll be doing when it rains from now on.

At around 2 the Cornell Vet called and asked if we could bring Finster down that night for the surgery on Wednesday. I talked with E and we decided to put it off until we talked to George. So, still no scheduled surgery date yet.
In the evening we went for a little walk and played in the basement and outside a bit. Nothing too exciting. At around 10 George called and I chatted with him about the surgery. He said that it should be done asap for fear of his kidney bursting, which would be much more expensive and dangerous. I'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow hopefully.

Before we went to bed E and I went down and played some hide-n-seek again with Finster :) he cracks us up with this game.


WNYLocals Wed Jun 28, 10:31:00 AM  

Sparky loves hide n seek, too. I hide around the house and he runs all over the place looking for me, tongue hanging out. It's weird because if I don't move, he can run right by me without seeing me. I usually start cracking up though and then he sees me.

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