Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 179 - Wednesday (Boring lunch):
This morning I woke up and got Finster out of the crate for our walk. I noticed that Finster's left eye (our right) had extra green goop in it and it was bloodshot, what else could go wrong?
Today Finster got shunned for lunch. The boys and I went to lunch with RonB. and left Finster behind in my office alone. In preparation I took him for an intense 45 minute walk in the woods. He was good and tired by the time I went to lunch so he slept the whole time I was gone. I was a bit nervous leaving him alone in my office for that long but everything worked out fine.
After work we went to the store for the monthly book discussion group. Finster got to chill in his fenced in area until we went home.


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