Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 197 - Sunday (More thu sux):
We got up at 730 this morning and took another little walk. We went to the Oatka Fest again for the day. At 1230 I went home for lunch and to let the pup out. He didn't really have to go pee too bad; he was all like "dood, I'm a grown man now, I can hold it for more than 4 hours." After he gets his stitches out I'm going to try leaving him home from work all day, I promise. When we got home at 7 all was still good and great in the basement. Finster has uber amounts of energy so I played with him until it got dark out then we hung out on the deck. Finster's stitches are still looking pretty good. While we are outside I notice tons of little bugs flying around them, that makes me a little nervous, it would be quite gross if some bugs got in and laid some eggs.


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