Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 199 - Tuesday (The charmer):
Today was a fairly ho hum day at work. For lunch we went to EA to drop off a book and chill with the ladies (Erin, EriKa, and Rokes). They were all quite charmed by Finster to be sure, what lady can resist the handsome, rugged good looks of the Finsteroos.
After work he had a nice opportunity to charm some more ladies, and he succeeded quite well. At my baseball game Finster hung out with E and two little ladies (of 7 and 11), daughters of one of my co-players. The girls had a "gay ole time" with the handsome chum.

Surfing the internet I found some pictures of the Looney Tunes episode, Baby buggy bunny, that Finster is named after. Here are the pictures, and here is the wikipedia for the show.


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