Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 181 - Friday (Tasty dock):
This morning I got to put Finster's meds in by myself, joy. I decided to abandon trying to drop the meds into his eye from the tube, instead I put the drop on my finger and then put my finger in his eye. This worked 100% better. He didn't get nervous and I got it right in his eye first try. I can already tell the difference in his eye, it's already looking much better. Today for lunch Finster and I went to the canal boat launch to do some swimming. To change it up a bit we walked to the boat launch instead of driving. It's only about a mile walk so I figured it was dumb to drive there. Towards the end of lunch Finster became highly interested in the wooden dock. He scratched at it and chewed on it for no reason, he was quite upset with it I guess.


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