Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 182- Saturday (Double header, then party):
This morning I got up and took Finster for his usual loop walk. I had a double header starting at 10am. This left Finster in the basement from 930 until 4pm, piece of cake. When I got home everything was fine except for the roll of paper towels that he absolutely destroyed. I really think he enjoyed himself with this one. At 6ish we had Bill, Denise, CA and Tina over for a little party. While I was gone to the store Bill, Denise and Tina showed up. Apparently Finster was fresh out of the ditch and a bit muddy when they pulled in. He proceeded to transfer some of his mud onto the girls clothing, which didn't go over too well. This landed him in the basement until I got home. Finster did ok the rest of the night. He annoyed a few and charmed a few. He did great during dinner. We put him on the upper deck and he stayed there the whole time we ate. After dinner and dessert we started a chiminea fire and Finster laid right in front of it :) Later in the night the neighbors set off a ton of fireworks, Finster's first experience with loud and colorful fireworks. It started off great, he pretty much ignored them. Eventually he got a little nervous and hid behind his favorite guest, Tina. He didn't whine or cower really, just laid under Tina's chair.


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