Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 187 - Thursday (Delicious Dock):
Today for lunch we went to the canal boat launch again. Finster spent about 50% of his time there chewing on the wooded deck. He looks good and retarded scratching and chewing on the huge dock, but I guess it suites him well.
After work I had a baseball game (we won) and Finster stayed at home with mom. She mowed the lawn and had Finster out in the yard with her. He did great until Don and Sedona came out. He wandered across the road to pay them a visit. Erica went over and dragged him back with the help of Don. This landed him in the basement until I got home. It's funny coming home and not seeing Finster in the yard, I know instantly that he did something bad. :) We got a call from the vet in Cornell confirming that the surgery will be on Monday the 10th, woot, I guess.


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