Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 188 - Friday (Rosco-P-Co-Train):
For lunch Finster had another Canal dock sandwich.

After work we had Erika and Brian over for some dinner. They brought their Beagle (Rosco) over to play with Finster. At first Rosco was a bit scared of Finster but once Brian let him off his leash he was running around and playing like they were good friends. Finster had no chance of catching that little guy. It's funny, seeing them together now. Last time they played together Finster was about the same size as Rosco; now he towers over him. We played fetch with Rosco for a while while Finster watched and chased Rosco; who is the retriever here? After a while Rosco got a bit tired out and slowed down so Finster could catch him. Eventually, Rosco got pretty annoyed with Finster jumping around and egging him on. He seems pretty good at egging on other dogs. He doesn't know when he's not wanted at all; like a little sibling.


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