Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 194 - Thursday (Back to work):
Ahh, back to the normal routine. This morning we got up at 630 (I had to get to work early) and took a little walk. Instead of doing the loop trail around the woods we just walked up the road so that Finster didn't get his stitches wet running through the stream, which he invariably does.
Work went well, everyone came over to greet him and all were happy to see him. Many noticed his weight loss and everyone was amazed that he was back to normal in 2 days after having his chest ripped open and his kidney taken. We did our normal morning walk at 11 and then a 30 minute lunch walk at 1 (I had a stupid meeting). During the walks Finster performed like a champ, even running at times. Seriously, if I didn't know better I would assume he went to Cornell for a nice hair cut (they shaved his tummy).
After work Finster amazed my baseball team too. I tied him up to the fence and then E showed up at around 630 to watch him. He did great, jumping around (a bit), barking at the baseball (a bit) and tugging at his leash to try to lick Jason's kids!
After the game we got home around 9ish and lounged around and played with the pup a bit. I am SUPER happy to announce that I have not seen any signs of dripping since he has returned! This is so cool, and fabulous!


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