Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MMM TASTY CAMERA! I think Finster got sick of the pupperatzi.

SORRY ABOUT THE PORNOGRAPHIC NATURE OF THIS SHOT. You must be 18 or older to view it. Here is what his stitches look like.
Just Finster enjoying the heat.

Day 198 - Monday (Home with mom):
This morning we went for a little walk again. On our way we met a neighbor (Steve) and his froofy dog. Finster was great with the little guy. They sniffed each other a bit and Finster did do his little "Please play with me" jump but he never touched the puff ball.
The reports from mom were all good! She was sick the whole day so she didn't really do much with him.
When I got home he had some serious pent up energy. I played a little retrieve the log, ball, stick with him until the heat got to him. While we were outside Don and Sedona went for a walk. I had Finster "stay" but he only managed to hold off for about 10 seconds, then he bolted to the road to jump on Sedona. There's no stopping him once he sees Don, he can withstand the siren song of Sedona, but Don has treats! This landed him in the basement for a time out :)
After dinner E and I went to the store to drop off all the inventory from the store. We got back around 10ish and I sat on the deck with the pups for the remainder of the night.


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