Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 189 - Saturday (Party):
What another busy day. Today we had a big sale at the store so Finster, E and I went to the store at around 8am. Finster got to spend the day in the fenced in area behind the store. I took him for about a 20 minute walk around lunch time and that's it. He was a great dog! He didn't complain a bit about being locked in all day. At around 1pm I went to my company summer picnic and left Finster with E.
E said that Finster was a good boy while I was gone even with the lack of exercise. When I got home from the party at around 1030 E was sleeping on the basement floor with a blanket and a big puppy :) The odds of this happening is equal to the Queen of England sleeping naked in a pig sty, but it did happen :)


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