Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 201 - Thursday (Hot lunch):
Today for a bit of a change Bill, CA and I took Finster shopping. More like Finster stayed in the car while we went shopping. Not to worry, he was only in the car for like 10 minutes (in the shade). After shopping trip number 1 (Circuit City) we went over to Best Buy. I took Finster for a nice little walk while the boys went in. After about 10 minutes of walking in the sun Finster was panting like a pair of Levi's (I know, I know) so we went and sat in the shade and watched the people walking by.
After work Finster and I went over to Bills for a little game night. Finster was decent. He got a little annoying getting into peoples faces and nosing around the bird (in its cage). I put him in the basement for a while but he wouldn't stay down there for more than 10 minutes. Apparently because he is allowed to walk around their house he doesn't obey the basement threshold like he does at our house.


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