Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 196 - Saturday (Thu sux):
Man today sucked. We got up at 6am and I took Finster for a little walk. Then we packed up and went to the Oatka Fest to setup the store's booth. Setup took from 7am to around 10am. After the setup I went to the store with the pups to man the station. Finster got to spend the hours in the fenced in area. I took him for about 3 little 5 minute walks throughout the day. During one of these walks I let him off the leash to poop in our garden (his favorite spot). He found the break in the hedge row and took off. He made it to the back of the neighbors yard before I caught up to him. Of course they were in the back yard too so they were a bit nervous seeing a huge black dog running loose. I left the back door open so Finster got tons of sympathy from the customers that came in. After I closed down I went back to the Festival with Finster. We made it about 1/2 way to the tent before Finster got kicked out, apparently no dogs were allowed.
This landed Finster in the basement from 5-7. Then after the Fest we went to the Soudan's for a 30th birthday party. We got home around 1 to a pretty happy puppy ;)


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