Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 180 - Thursday (By by puppy collar):
This morning when I got Finster up I noticed his eye had more green goop in it and looked redder than yesterday and a bit droopy.
Today for lunch we went to the Laundromat and then to the Henrietta park for a walk. When we got to the park Finster and I walked across the fields to get to the walking path. I noticed a party was going on, the group was playing a bit of volleyball in the middle of the track but thought nothing of it. Finster, on the otherhand, thought a lot of the ball itself and took off one that was laying on the ground. I yanked back on his leash but that didn't even slow him down. In confusion I looked down at the end of the leash and noticed his collar still attached with no Finster secured in it. He snapped the plastic clasp right off and bounded enthusiastically for the ball. When he arrived at the ball he pounced on it and slobbered it all up trying to get it in his mouth. One of the party people announced that he wanted Finster on his team :). Corralling Finster was a bit of a feat with no collar to grab on to and lots of people vying for his attention. Eventually, I wrapped his leash around his neck and embarrassingly walked away.
In the afternoon I called the vet about Finster's eye and he said to stop by and pick up some eye ointment to get rid of the infection, which is what he assumed was the problem.
So, after work Finster and I drove to Albion to pick up the eye meds and then we stopped at my parents for some dinner. My mom and I tried to put the eye meds in; I held Finster in every way I could think of but I couldn't keep him still enough to drop the meds in his eye. He either wiggled out of my grasp or closed his eye. When my dad got home he was able to hold Finster down while I put the meds in his eye.


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