Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 190 - Sunday (Long drive to Cornell):
Phew, another long day. I had a game at 1pm that both E and Finster attended. I finally convinced E to tie Finster to the fence and enjoy the game. This worked great! She didn't have to use up all her energy holding him back. Him and Sparky got along great, until Sparky left for a more dog free environment (my parents and their dogs showed up). It was a pretty hot day so we gave Finster a nice big tray of water which he quickly finished. Then my dad took him over to the hose and sprayed him down :) This was clearly the highlight of both Finster's and my dad's day. Finster was rolling around in the wet grass like an elephant in mud.
After the game we packed up Finster and headed for Cornell for the big surgery. We got there around 7ish and talked with the vets there. They were happy to see Finster again and Finster was happy to see them. He slobbered up both of the ladies and then we said our goodbyes. Finster happily left us to follow his new friends, I didn't even see him look back :)
Before we left Ithaca we stopped by the theatre to see Pirates of the Carribbean 2. I wasn't a huge fan but E enjoyed (the eye candy) it.


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