Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 195 - Friday (Freedom at work):
Another drip free morning! His bedding was totally dry again, this is getting more and more exciting. At work Finster slept clear until 1125am. Chris and I took him for a little walk before lunch. At around 12 I took him for another walk because CA and I were taking Bill out for his birthday lunch. I left Finster in his crate in the office from 1230-130ish. While he was in his crate I put a T-Shirt on him so that he didn't lick at his stitches. After lunch I felt bad for not taking him for a long walk so I let him loose in our office for the afternoon. This he thoroughly enjoyed! He chewed some stuff, sat at my side, laid at CA's feet, slobbered CA's sandles, he had a great time!

After work we went home and mowed the lawn. Finster did a swell job of staying in the yard. He went as far as the trees and then stopped and watched me mow. Actually, at one point he ventured over into the neighbor's (the deaf lady, not across the road) yard. I got back into our yard and he was fine after that.

Eventually the inlaws came by to help set up a tent for the Oatka Festival. Finster did a great job helping. He shredding some of the materials that were in the box which was a great help! During dinner he just laid on the deck, which was a good test for his dripping. Again, not one drip ventured out from his... well, you know.
After the inlaws left I put Finster in the basement for about an hour before we went to bed. This was quite a relief to him as it was about 90 outside and about 70 in the basement.


Anonymous Sun Jul 16, 09:38:00 PM  

I would love to see a picture of Finster in his T shirt.

Sounds like his problem has been taken care of with the surgery.

Happy to hear he is doing so well.

That a way to go Finster.

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