Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 203 - Saturday (Stitches):
This morning we went to the vet to FINALLY get Finster's stitches out. When we got there Finster got onto the scales and weighed in at 94 lbs. For the record Finster weighed 43.6kg (96.12 lbs.) before his surgery and 38.6kg (85 lbs) after his surgery. So, he has gained back 9 of the 11 lbs. lost in almost 2 weeks! Finster was great during the removal. He laid down and George got the stitches out in no time. He flinched (basically just lifted his head) only twice. He is so good with the vet! Everyone there was happy to see him and commented on how good he looked. The bad news was that George said that he should stay out of the water for another week! George also took some blood work for Cornell.
After the vet we went to the store and hung out there until 4. The poor puppy had to sit outside in the drizzling rain all day :( A sadder puppy I've never seen. He got in a few walks around town and paid of .10 cents toward his surgery by picking up 2 empty bud light cans; he loves beer.


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