Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 204 - Sunday (More running):
This morning we went to the inlaws for their anniversary. The first thing Finster did was headed for the pond. In anticipation of this I attached a 20' long clothes line to his collar. He did great with the pond. He only tried to get in twice, both times I pulled him back. After we walked around the yard a bit we went in for lunch. I tied him to my car in the shade so he didn't go swimming; he barked his head off. I left for my game after lunch. E said Finster was good for the rest of the time there. She said that when they were trying to leave Finster refused to get into Erin's car, probably because Sparky was in there (in his crate though). They had to lift him up into the car to get him in.

At the game Finster mainly sat and watched us play. After the game we chilled on the deck and Finster chewed on some sticks, logs, and tree trunks.


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