Friday, July 28, 2006

Day 205 - Monday (Nothin'):
Today nothing happened (that I remember). Finster stayed home with mom.

Day 206 - Tuesday (Photography again):
Today was a hot one. For lunch Finster and I went to the canal park for a little walk. We walked for about 40 minutes and by that point Finster was panting pretty hard. I think it's a bit too hot for him to be walking in the sun. After work I went and did some photography for EA. I ended up leaving Finster at the office while I went and worked. I came back to get him around 730ish. At home I did some editing and some eating and some playing fetch in the basement. It's about 3 steps from wall to wall for the pup now.

Day 207 - Wednesday (At the store):
We had out of town visitors today at work so Finster got to go with E to work. E loves taking him to work ;) In the evening I went to watch the store during the book discussion group. E2 brought Sparky and put him in the fenced in area with Finster. Finster, again, tried to play with Sparky by bouncing around him and barking. Sparky did go after Finster once or twice but that's it. I stayed out there with them for most of the time trying to keep Finster calm. Towards the end of the meeting I had Finster and Sparky laying next to each other; which, I think, is a positive step in their relationship :) I also tried to take them for a little walk together. Finster was a bear! He was going nuts on the leash, as usual when Sparky is walking with us. He was bouncing, barking, running, pulling, you name it. Almost unbearable. I think Sparky was a little put off by the fool's actions.
After the meeting we adjourned back at my house. Finster and Sparky did fine together in the basement. We were down there with them most of the night and Finster stayed away from Sparky for the most part. At one point Sparky had Finster trapped on the stairs, which blocked E + E2 from coming down. Sparky was at the bottom of the stairs and Finster wouldn't descend because he didn't want to go near Sparky. I've never seen such fear :)

Day 208 - Thursday (Store again):
Today Finster got to go to the store again with moma. After work I went to my game. After my game I went home to eat and play with Finster. E said that Finster's new favorite toy is an old cement tube that he has re-found. It started out at about 4 feet and now it's down to about 2 :)


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