Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 186 - Wednesday (Great Dane):
Today for lunch I had to meet with an FBI agent for a friend of mine who is trying to become an agent. Finster and I drove to the thruway exit to meet the agent for the reference check. During the interview Finster stayed in my car and I got into the agent's van. She asked me if Finster was a Great Dane, I smacked her in the face and said "No moron, he's a lab"; or something like that. That makes me feel real safe about the safety of our nation if an FBI agent can't tell the difference between a Black Lab and a Great Dane.

After the meeting I had to give Finster his lunch walk. I took him back to the wooded trail for a nice 30 minute walk. The walk got cut short when Finster rolled in a muddy mud puddle. He was a mess, mud all over his head and body. The only way to clean him was to take him to the canal. So off to the canal we went. When we got there I threw in his 2x4 a few times and then came back to the office all nice and clean.


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