Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 193 - Wednesday (Picking up da pup):
Here is another email from Cornell with some interesting news:

That's all kidney!! There's not much actual "kidney"'s mostly the capsule surrounding the kidney that's filled with fluid. The blog site is great! I may be doing my senior seminar on Finster (we have to write up a case report and present it to the school) since he was such an interesting case. I'd love to have some pictures of him for the power point. He's really a great dog....nobody wants to see him go!

I should be charging Cornell for supplying such an interesting study dog :)

E and I got down to Cornell at around 830pm. Finster came out and was pretty darned happy to see us! He was wiggling and shaking, it was quite nice. I honestly think he has more energy now than before! He didn't really settle down until we left. The only thing we really have to do is to keep him calm and out of the water until the stitches come out (on the 22nd).

Finster was fine during the 2 hour drive home, he slept most of the way, and looked out the window and at the back of our heads for the rest of the time. It sure is nice having him back!


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