Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 184 - Monday (Camping):
Monday started off nice and slow like Sunday. We didn't do anything until 2 when we left for our 4th of July plans. To start it off we dropped Finster off at my parents and then went to the Walmart in Albion to see my mom. After that we went back to my parents to visit with my dad. He actually got Finster in the pool for a quick swim :) We played with Finster around the pool for a while and then went up to the inlaws. I stayed there for a while and then went back to Albion to do some photography (which I forgot to do earlier when I was there). After the photography I went to my sister's to visit for about an hour. Then finally, at around 7ish I made it back to Finster. He was tied up when I got there and everyone was finishing up eating, not a good sign. He was being a bit obnoxious and annoying so he got tied up while everyone ate. After I finished eating I let him off the stake. Finster and Sparky got along great today! Not one issue that I know about! Finster was in and out of the pond all day so he maintained a smell of wet dog. At one point everyone was up on the deck except Finster, he was down playing in the pond. I went down to see what the deal was. He was digging at a rock like there was gold in it or something. He dug his nails down to little nubs. When it got dark Finster got good and close to the campfire and konked out. At one point after the fire was stoked up his tail was about 5 feet from a 6 feet tall fire, his fur was burning up; I have no idea how he slept through it but it didn't faze him one bit.
At around 12 we started picking up the campfire stuff and moving to our tents. While I was in the house Finster decided to take another dip in the pond, arg. We were planning on sleeping with him in our tent, but that was while he was dry. We started off just letting him run while we tried to sleep. E's aunt and uncle felt bad for him so they brought him in their tent. He got excited, sat on Butch's face and stepped on Sherri. He wouldn't lay down, he just sat up and stared out the window at our tent. Butch let him out and I took him up to the garage to sleep in there. After I got back into my tent and comfortable he started barking. So I got back up and put him in the car to sleep after drying him off a bit. When I got back to the tent and comfortable E felt bad for Finster and said to bring him back to our tent. So I got back up and got Finster. This is certainly what he wanted. He laid down in no time and was snoring after about 4 minutes. This didn't bode well with my ability to sleep. I got maybe an hour of sleep all night. At around 730 it started raining, and at about 8 the tent started leaking. E and I went inside to sleep for the last 30 minutes of the "night", Finster went to the garage.


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