Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 168 - Saturday (Work Work):
I had a baseball game at 10am (we lost) this morning so I got up and took Finster for a nice little loop walk. He was in the basement from 930 - 230 again without a problem. I think next week we are going to try leaving him home from work for a day to see how that goes. When I got home from the game and the store there was a big pile of mulch in our driveway (finally). I let Finster out and starting working. Finster dug into the mulch nose first, he loves chewing on the wood pieces! He quickly became a mulchy mess but enjoyed every second of it. He followed me around the whole afternoon while I mulched the gardens and the trees. When E got home he followed and helped us both out mulching the rest of the gardens/trees. He loves it when we do yard work and he is such a big help. His main tasks are to eat every weed, grass, dirt, etc. that we pull up and to protect us from the moths that roam our yard.
In the evening we watched game 6 of the Stanley cup finals while Finster hung out on the deck watching the neighbors and eating bugs.


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