Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 151 - Tuesday (Down by the docks):
This morning we took our usual loop walk. Being about 80 this morning I thought the bug would be horrible but they weren't bad at all. I'm continuing to wear my long pants long pants and long sleeve shirt to stave off the bugs.

For lunch we went to the canal at the boat dock for a puppy swim. Finster and Oscar took turns fetching the stick (Finster fetched) and the ball (Oscar fetched) in the canal. Finster even jumped off the dock a few times into the canal to retrieve his stick. So that's the one thing that he is better than Oscar in, woot! After Oscar left Finster and I walked around a bit and fetched a bit more. He got tired by the end and wouldn't jump off the dock anymore, instead he stood at the edge and barked at the stick as it passed under the dock, ridiculous. Then, right before we left a kayaker floated into the boat launch which entirely puzzled Finster, he stared at him until he got out of the boat.

After work we chilled at home. It was too hot to do anything so Finster and I read on the deck until the game came on and then Finster chilled in the basement, it's so nice and cool down there.


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