Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 134 - Saturday (Game 5):
Today was action packed. We woke up and did some homework and took the trash to the dump. Then at 11 Finster and I went to baseball practice. I tied Finster up to the backstop and he watched us practice. Now my tie up method is 2 leashes and an extendo leash all tied together; this gives him about 20 feet of leash to run in, all without me having to spend extra loot. Finster barked whenever I was within 20 feet of him, which was real pleasant. A couple people at the practice petted him while I was out in the field. About 1/2 way through the neighbor came out with her puppy. It was a 9 week old beagle! So cute, it was shorter than the dandelions in her yard, and a little wiggly mass of ears and fuzz. I didn't let Finster play with it, Finster's nose was about as big as the whole puppy.

Also, while we were practicing some large lady brought a ~3 year old over to play with Finster while I was in the outfield. At one point I saw the lady standing, and the child laying on the ground right next to Finster, and Finster licking the child. How dumb are some people? I don't even trust Finster around small children and he's my dog!

At around 1 we left practice and went to the store. We have a fenced-in-area in back of the store now for Finster. I put him in there from 1-4 and he was cool with it. He slept a portion of the time. He only barked once, and it was at either a cat or another dog.

In the evening Kyle (my cuz) came over to watch game 5 with us, and Finster watched from the entry way. Such a good game, Finster got woken up on every goal (3), he didn't seem to mind though.


WNYLocals Mon May 15, 09:36:00 AM  

You have a fenced-in-area? Wow am I jealous!!

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