Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 127 - Saturday (Photog gig):
This morning Finster and I went for the normal walk. After the walk we just kind of hung out. It was a bit cold outside so we chilled in the basement. I did my homework and Finster kept going outside and then coming back in. For lunch we did some training, I haven't done much of this in a while. We worked on sit/stays (he was a bit rusty) and the on/off with the deck, which was also rusty. He wouldn't stay past the point where he couldn't see me. I guess we should be working on this some more.

In the afternoon I went to the store and left Finster in his crate. When we got back we took Finster over to Bill and Denises for some photography of the family. I put Finster in there basement and at first he just ran up the stairs and into the kitchen. In the past we have always let Finster run around their house. So I took Finster back down and this time when he came up I pushed him back down the stairs. This scared the poop out of him (going backwards down the stairs). Then he realized that he wasn't allowed up the stairs and stayed at the top just like at home. It was nice, I did all of my photography with him just watching at the stairs; so handy. The photography abruptly ended when my battery died :( I suck. Finster got to sniff the baby a bit. He got excited a little too much and tried to pull off her socks :) he was being so gentle when he was doing it though, he must know.


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