Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 125 - Thursday (Sleepy dog):
This morning we did the usual walk and then went to work. At work Finster slept from 830 to 12pm :) For lunch we went to play at the park. Finster went swimming, a little cautiously though, but he did do a little swimming. He is still a little nervous about "going in the deep end".

After work was pretty mild. I played outside with Finster for a while with a tennis ball. He is pretty much not interested though ;( After dinner I stayed inside and worked on some store stuff. I got to get a picture of Finster on the top step of the basement. He looks like littl' brodder from homestarrunner with his legs tucked up, it looks like he has no front legs :)

Finster spent most of the night chewing on his bone in the basement, real exciting.


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