Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 147-148 - Friday-Saturday (Quick bloggin water loggin):
Ahh the long weekend. I'm a bit behind so I'll summarize a bit. Friday was work as usual and after work we watched the Sabres get destroyed.

On Saturday (my birthday) we went to baseball practice at 10. I let Finster run free again at the GCC field. I love that field, it's all fenced in (the field that is) so Finster gets locked out. While I was taking batting practice in the cage I had to tie him up though. He kept trying to run through the mesh and he got stuck a few times. I had to spray him with the squirt gun I brought a few times to get him to stop barking at us. This was pretty effective. After spraying him twice he completely stopped barking :)

After practice we went to the store until around 3. Finster got to chill in his fenced in area, joy.

When we got home I mowed the lawn and Finster followed me for about 90% of the time. He kept trying to bite the grass as it came out of the mower (from a safe distance). He got bored with it after about 45 minutes. I had to get off the mower to get him from the neighbors yard once or twice, someday we will get an invisible fence.

After mowing Finster rolled around in the ditch and got all mud and sea weed slime. It was time for a bath anyways so I gathered up the bath gear and went at it. At first I tried bathing him with the hose off the leash. This didn't work very well so I put him on the leash and tied him to the deck so he couldn't get away. I sprayed him down and lathered him up. He absolutely hated this. He kept trying to get away pulling on the leash and whining, poor guy. When I got him lathered and rinsed well enough I let him off. He ran around and rolled on the ground. I realized that he still had soap on him. Then I got the hose again and just started spraying and yelling in the air. He came over willingly and started biting at the water, weird. So I soaked him well and rinsed him off good, he loved it! Silly puppy. Must be he didn't like being restrained.

At around 7 the family came by for a birthday party. Finster was mildly annoying. He jumped on Hiroko and harassed Sparky. He inadvertently knocked over my nephew Andrew once walking by him, the big lug. I had to leash him a few times because he kept barking at Sparky who was also on a leash and couldn't get away. I got some sweet loot at the partay! By the end of the night Finster was spent, he didn't sleep all day!


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