Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 144 - Tuesday (The long awaited reunion):
Today for lunch we went back to the park after a two week vacation from it. We've waited two weeks because the vet said that he's to stay out of the water for 2 weeks after his snipping. When we pulled into the park Oscar was getting out of his van. Finster saw him and got really excited, he apparently didn't forget him. They played just like before, Finster sniffing around and Oscar chasing the ball.

After work I went to Target to get some dog stuff. I got some dog food, a plush toy and some bones. Finster de-plushed the toy in about 2 minutes, so I think that's the last one he will be getting. The bone took him about an hour and a half to eat 1/2 of, so that was a little bit more bang for da buck.

I finally finished Local Wonders by Ted Kooser last night, (as Erica watched the Oilers/Ducks game) woot, now what to read next? Something is seriously wrong with this picture.


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