Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 121 - Sunday (Chillin at the crib):
For the morning we went for a nice little loop walk and then hung out around the house. For breakfast I ate on the upper deck and had Finster lay/stay on the lower deck. He got up only once during the whole breakfast :)

In the afternoon E and I went to liftbridge, the bookstore in brockport as Erica had another reading for the Dire Elegies. When we got home E did some gardening. Whenever she threw out a dandelion Finster would attack it violently. He's quite the gardener. He stayed out of the garden most of the time and just waited for a new weed to come flying out.

In the evening I took Finster over to play with Sedona. They went nuts. For the 20 minutes I was there they played tug-o-war with Finster's leash. I should really buy an appropriate tug rope for them. Finster loves playing tug and Sedona just loves playing. I think they would have tugged until they died from it if I didn't stop them.

Finster has an annoying habit of walking around the house while we are on the deck. He just walks around the house, but I don't trust him to stay in our yard yet. I've followed him on many occasions and he just wanders around the house, or in the garage.

As the night went on E and I had a nice fire on the deck and Finster check on a stick and his bone (the one that Oscar bought him). At around 930 we went in and watched a movie, and Finster lounged in the basement.

Woot, Finster is 6 months old today!


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