Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 149 - Sunday (R+R):
Sunday was wonderful, full of rest and relaxation. Finster woke me up barking at 730am, which worked out perfectly actually. I've been wanting to fertilize the yard and when I opened the door to let meat head out I noticed a nice layer of dew on the grass, perfect! Finster followed me around faithfully and I spread the fertilizer over the yard. We stayed home all day and it was great. The weather was hot so we tried staying cool all day. We kept Finster cool by spraying him with the hose, his new favorite thing to do :) We also did some yard work and dug some sod around our trees, joy. I spent a good portion of the day playing with my iriver h10 trying to get all our mp3s into it properly, nothing is easy, ever; I guess that's what I get for pirating music. Finster again didn't sleep all day so he was exhausted by night fall. Which worked out perfect because the Sabres game was on while he took a nice nap from 7-10ish.


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