Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 140 - Friday (Call from the Vet):
This morning as I was getting ready I got a call from our Vet. The results came back from the "expert" and he didn't offer anything extra, so that was a big waste of 80 bucks. A few theories are 1.) maybe an organ didn't develop as well as it should have and so the spleen has taken over and is now enlarged. 2.) there is a fetus puppy, his brother/sister, that got in Finster as he was developing. He said 2 is rare but it is possible and has happened. Both option are the suck. So our options now are to take him to Cornell or Orchard Park for an ultrasound, or do exploratory surgery. I think we will go the cheap route first with the ultrasound.

For lunch Bill and I took Finster around the town. When we got back I put Finster in his crate and ate lunch. After I ate I went to Bill's office to check something out when I heard Finster barking. Apparently he didn't like the idea of not getting a walk for lunch. In my defense I was planning on walking him after I ate. So I took Finster for a little 20 minute walk, which seemed to have satisfied him.

After work we went to the inlaws to pick up some plants at the park. Finster had fun running around the park, sniffing the plants, and chewing on some plastic. At the inlaws I've been leaving Finster in the garage while we eat (another place when he isn't allowed in the house). This works out well, he generally stays out of the stuff in the garage and just lays in front of the door. He did get a plant bucket though, his favorite and chewed on it a little.


Anonymous Fri May 19, 01:34:00 PM  

All I can think of is that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the girl's aunt is telling the fiance that the lump they removed from her neck was her twin...

Darrick Tue May 23, 09:01:00 AM  

I don't remember that...

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