Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 137 - Tuesday (Finster's favorite vegetable? Lattice):
This morning on our walk Finster rolled in something dreadful. I'm not sure when he did it, I never noticed him rolling. After breakfast I smelled it though and then noticed a clump of something brown on his shoulder. I'm not sure what it was, likely some fecal matter of some poor smelling animal. I cleaned it off and then shampoo'd it off neither of which touched the stench. I decided that today would be the day that Finster became a man (again) and stayed home alone. Our deck out back stands about 4 feet off the ground and is enclosed underneath, perfect for a dog house. When I left I put Finster under and gave him plenty of water and food for the day and wished him the best of luck. At around 1030 I got a call from Erica. The neighbor called her at the store and said that Finster chewed through the lattice and was running around. He put him back under the deck and tied a plastic table in front of the hole. So I got in my car and drove home to check it out. Apparently, the table didn't dissuade him from chewing a bigger hole around the table to get out again. At first I couldn't find him but then I heard him and Sedona playing as usual so I went and gathered the meat head up. So now there is a big hole in the side of our deck, oh the joy of dumb dog ownership. I re-sniffed Finster and he didn't smell too bad anymore so I took him to work and had a pretty normal rest of the day.

In the evening I've been working with him with his "tricks" again. His sit/stay has sucked lately so I figured I should go back to some training again. My goal is to have him sit/stay as I walk around the house. Now he jumps up as soon as I make it around the 1st corner, so I have my work cut out for me.


Anonymous Fri May 19, 01:26:00 PM  

Because I was so mad at Finster for eating the deck today I ignored him for 5 whole minutes when I got home. Finally I couldn't ignore the wagging body any longer. I'm such a good disciplinarian.

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