Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 135 - Sunday (Mother's Day):
In the morning I took Finster over to see his girlfriend Sedona. They played for about 30 minutes, until they were both pretty dead. Finster enjoys chewing on her cheek and jowls, mm tasty. When Finster could barely walk anymore we went home and got ready to go to our rents.

We went to the inlaws first for lunch. When we got there I just left Finster outside loose to see what he would do. I didn't see him walking anywhere so I went and checked on him after about 5 minutes. He was just curled up in the garage in front of the door I went in. He stayed there until we started eating lunch when he showed up on the back deck. Then he saw the pond and started heading towards it. This would have normally been fine but he still had the "no water" rule in effect. So I took off to get to him before he reached the pond. When I got to him he just started getting in. I think he made it up to his knees for a drink, danger averted. I put him back in the garage and he stayed there this time.

Then Erin and Sparky showed up and he greeted them with a nice sloppy kiss. Erin tied Sparky up in the back and I tied Finster up in the front, so they didn't bark at each other. Again, Finster barked like 2 times and then lounged in the front the rest of the time.

At around 330 we went to E's grandparents house, dogs in tow. We tied the two dogs up to the swing set. They did bark at each other from about 5 feet away, dumb dogs. Finster ended up entertaining himself by chewing on the swing rope, and the wooden swing seat; and Sparky chewed on his bone. After about an hour of chatting we went outside for a tour of the gardens. Finster was pulling all over the place, pulling to be with Sparky, pulling to get petted by so and so... annoying.

Then down to my parents for a little dinner. When we got there there were 4 new born kittens at the side of the house. I took Finster over to check them out. He got within 3 feet of them when they started hissing. This scared the 75lbs. brut away. Quite the funny sight seeing a ~1 lbs kitten scaring away a 75lbs. beast.

Finster went inside and terrorized my parents dogs for a while. Actually Fred, the 10 lbs. Terrier terrorized Finster. Finster is such a big baby. Finster kept going out and coming in the house. He was a little bit rowdy while in the house. He managed to jump up on the couch and up on a few people, a habit he has recently picked up. He did pretty good with the kids, he got a little excited, but not too bad. One time Em was playing with him and Fred and Finster let out a loud bark at Fred and it scared Em pretty bad, his bark is so loud.

After we left my parents we went back to the in-laws to drop off a sweatshirt. We got suckered into walking around the yard with them. Finster and Sparky joined us. The two of them did well together. Finster tried to play with Sparky (read jumping and barking at him) everytime I let him run free. Sparky would be fine with Finster if Finster would just ignore him (not jump and bark around him). Finster ate some grass and dandelions and rolled around a bit while Sparky sniffed and peed on everything, isn't dog ownership grand?

At around 830 we made it home finally. I brought Finster up to sit with us as we read and watched some hockey, what a busy day.


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