Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 150 - Monday (Memorial Day Party):
Today was even hotter than yesterday, blah. We just lounged around in the heat again until around 2ish. Again I sprayed Finster with the hose every 30 minutes which again he thoroughly enjoyed :) We had a memorial day party to attend at the Soudan's so we left Finster at home. He was home from 230 to 730 so we just let him run in the basement. I was a bit nervous when we got home, last time we left him in the basement he pooped 3 times and peed twice. This time he knocked over 1 empty cardboard box! That's it!!!! I was so happy :) As a reward we went over to visit his girlfriend Sedona. They played for about 20 minutes. At one point they were so tired they were both laying down and Finster was just chewing on her cheek, so funny. The also had quite a problem. Finster brought over his bone to show Sedona. They ripped it in half quite quickly and at one point Finster found one of Sedona's bones. Therefore, they had 3 bones between the two of them and they were never content. They swapped bones about 10 times, it was quite retarded.

The rest of the evening was spent on our deck relaxing in the heat. Please, make it stop.


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