Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 123 - Tuesday (Typical day):
Today was a very typical day, for events see... well, pretty much any other day.

For lunch we went to the park to play with Oscar.

After work we went to PetSmart to price an invisible fence for Mr. Finster. They rang in at 150$ plus any extra wire that we would need, and we would need extra. I took Finster in with me and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He loved sniffing stuff. Again there were a bunch of puppies taking lessons which Finster was trying to play with. One of the came out of the ring and Finster got to sniffed up on the bitch (I love being able to say that without being offensive:)).

After Petsmart we went home and watched the Sabres/Philly game 6. I brought Finster up and he sat at the entryway for the whole game. I took him outside for the first intermission for a little 14 minute walk. For the 2nd intermission Finster was sleeping so he stayed in. Such a good dog! He did however put his paws on the carpet a bunch, so that's not bad all-in-all.


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