Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 136 - Monday (Home):
Today Finster stayed home with E. I got up a bit late so he didn't get a morning walk. He spent the morning outside with E anyways so it's all good. He did get into a bit of trouble though, he kept eating the grass, which puts holes in the grass and makes E mad. He also went into the neighbors yard while they were out there. This landed him in the basement on the runner for an hour. While he was out he did attack the mulch bag, rake and numerous buckets while E tried to tell him No but couldn't get the words out due to laughter.

In the evening we went to see Bill Kauffman who is a local (to Batavia) author. He just published a new book Come Home, America which he discussed and signed.

When we got home I did some homework in the basement with Finster until around 930 and then went upstairs to read. Finster had to stay in the basement for the night because E just cleaned the upstairs. :(


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