Monday, May 22, 2006

Day 142 - Sunday (New garden):
Today we went up with the inlaws to see E2's new apartment. Finster got to stay home in his crate from about130 to 5. He was quite excited to get out :) The inlaws were impressed with his ability to stay on the basement stairs. After they left E asked if I wanted to dig a 6x15 plot of sod. I actually said yes as my options were to do that, which allows Finster to play outside and have fun with E and I; or sit in the basement with Finster, which is quite boring. It was nasty out, about 50, windy and slightly precipitous.
Finster had a blast and was very good. He wandered out front like twice between 6 and 8 and just came right back. He attacked every piece of sod I dug up and helped dig himself. He did get in the way a few times and did attack the plastic wheel barrow with every load of sod we took out back; which was funny the first two times but then got annoying, so I stopped him. We got done around 8 and Finster was exhausted, he slept until around 1030 and then I put him in his crate. I think I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff outside this summer :)


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