Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 138 - Wednesday (Panter):
You can't really beat Tuesday for excitement. This morning I got up at the normal time even though I needed to leave 30 minutes early so that I could carpool with Ed. Therefore, Finster's morning walk got skipped. In the end I was 5 minutes late and missed the carpool because I didn't have my cell phone either :( I took Finster for a walk when we got to work to make up for it and he seemed fine with it.

For lunch we went to the canal park (route), almost 2 miles round trip. Finster was all over the place for the first half mile, but as he got more tired he started to follow better. One technique that I like to employ while on a paved path is to cut him off. He tends to prefer walking on the pavement so I just corner him into following him. This works pretty well in that I don't have to tug him to get him back. His pulling isn't a constant thing, it's more like a jerking pull to the side, back and sometimes front, tiring either way. He was beat when we got back to the office, panting like a dog; hey wait.

After work we went home and hung out. I took him over to his girlfriend Sedona's house for a bit and they had a gay ole time as usual. We worked on his sit/stay a bit more and he still pulled up when I went around the corner.


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