Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 146 - Thursday (Tree swallows vs. House Sparrows):
I'm actually surprised I've made it this far, 146 flippin posts! That's insane. The interest in waning though, this is becoming tedious. It tends to document how boring my life is :) Oh well, I guess it's better than working so here we go.

For lunch we went to the henrietta park and just walked around a bit. Nothing at all really happened. Finster didn't even poop :( I tried to coax it out of him but he wasn't having it.

After work I made dinner, which is only the 2nd time that's happened, the 1st being about 2 weeks ago actually. Finster went outside and bugged Erica while she planted some flowers.

While they were outside I went out to check the birdbox. There were two dead tree swallows in there, undoubtedly killed by the idiot house sparrows (someone please buy me a bb gun). So finster and I pulled them out. I didn't want Finster to follow me when I went back to bury them so I had him sit/stay in the middle of the yard. He actually listened and waited until I was done. I was shocked.


Anonymous Sat May 27, 01:07:00 PM  

I was going to ask you how you "tried to coax it out of him" but on second thought, thank you for not elaborating.

THE KELLOGGS Mon May 29, 07:46:00 PM  

Laughed out loud when I read today's blog from you. I was thinking I have too much to do to keep my blog up. You are saying you need a life. I think my Master's wife say that about my master. I got up enough engery to post today with some pictures. I didn't write much, I let the pictures do the talking.

Will Finster be at the park tomorrow? Sure hope I can get there myself.

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