Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 143 - Monday (Home):
Today Finster got to stay home with Erica. Here are some quotes from the day:
e: he just kept trying to put his nasty bone on my leg
e: why does finster feel the need to chew on me???
(10:19:27) e: its SO GROSS
(10:20:59) buffyblice: bc he is cute
(10:27:12) e: right now he's hiking his bowl
(10:27:19) e: under his blanket
(10:27:28) e: and eating his runner
(10:28:10) buffyblice: lol
(10:28:17) e: now he's barking at it
(10:28:54) e: hes barking his head off
(10:28:59) e: hes so mad at it
(10:29:04) buffyblice: he did that yesterday too
(10:29:13) e: LOl he just growled at it
e: i went upstairs to fold clothes
(11:38:44) buffyblice: ok
(11:38:47) e: and i left my laptop on the chair
(11:38:52) buffyblice: ok
(11:39:00) e: and when i came down he had left his bone on the keyboard
(11:40:09) e: omg i cracked up when i saw that bone laying on the keyboard
(11:40:12) e: hes something else

Good stuff. When I got home Finster was excited to see me as usual. I had to crate him though as we went to another Dire Elegies reading in Rochester. When we got home we watched the sabres game (they lost game 2) and Finster chewed a bone in the basement. Not very fun puppy-wise.


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