Monday, May 22, 2006

Day 141 - Saturday (Moving again):
This morning I had practice at 11. I took Finster with me again to the GCC field. This field is cool because it is all fenced in. I just let Finster run around. He still barked his head off though. During batting practice he stood behind the backstop and barked. He mainly was going nuts trying to get the baseballs that hit the backstop and sat 2 inches from him. He tried to dig and bite through the fence, which failed. So he was a bit annoying, hopefully he will be ok during a game with E sitting with him. At least he didn't wander off, he stayed as close to the fence as he could get.

After practice I went to my parents to help them out with some moving. Finster got to play with my parents dogs which together weigh about as much as Finster's head. They are still a bit leery of him, likely because of his size and stupidity.

Sabres won!

In the evening we did some yard work which Finster helped out immensely. We dug up the sod around our trees and Finster attacked the sod throwing dirt everywhere, thanks a lot! For dinner we did some more sit/stay practicing, he is still pretty bad at it outside.


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